Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced longboarder, the perfect pair of longboarding gloves enriches your riding experience to the maximum and boosts your confidence so that you can take on those steep turns and execute smooth stops and powerful longboarding tricks with ease.

Downhill sliding gloves include a special equipment known as a palm (or sliding) puck. These pucks are manufactured with the help of an engineered thermoplastic. There are also gloves specifically designed for the comfort of beginners which come with finger pucks for added grip and tension. Producing a stiff, low-friction and stable glide, palm pucks will protect you from injuring yourself during particularly challenging terrains, as well and give you that nice boost towards improving your longboarding game.

Investing in longboarding gloves would be an extremely beneficial decision for you, especially if you’re a complete beginner lacking the boldness to ride freely and confidently, trying to master cool tricks to up your longboarding game to a great extent, or simply enjoy a fun and upgraded ride. If you’re looking for a nice pair of longboarding gloves but don’t know where to get started, you’re on the right page on the internet! We’ve compiled a master list of the best, most high quality and affordable longboarding gloves available so that you can elevate your longboarding experience effortlessly.

3. Imporx Standard Longboard Downhill Slide Gloves

Opening our list we have the Imporx Standard Longboard Downhill Slide Gloves. Much like their name, these gloves are perfect for the standard rider to improve their skills. They’re designed to withhold rough and tough terrains, and are highly durable, so you needn’t worry about causing your gloves any damage as you go about experimenting with different techniques and tricks.

  • These gloves are specially designed with Velcro, metal buckle and polyester fiber wrist wrap for additional support and ensure perfect and comfortable fit. These features make the gloves greatly adjustable, as well as airy and breathable to suit all your casual longboarding requirements.
  • These come with additional leather protection on your joints and fist to reduce any impacts caused by friction so that you don’t get hurt while riding, making them ideal for your rough rides and tumbles.
  • 4 holes have been placed strategically on the gloves to enhance air flow and enhance ventilation, and the fabric used to design the gloves is also highly breathable, ensuring that at no point will these gloves cause you any discomfort or come off as rather stuffy during the rising temperatures.

Overall, these gloves are the perfect match for you if you’re a rider looking to polish yourself through rigorous practice sessions. These gloves will hold up the intense pressures with you!

2. Sector 9 BHNC Slide Glove

Ranking second on our list is a highly recommended option which comes in all sizes to suit your needs and provide you with an overall extremely comforting and highly enhanced ride. Well suited to the demands and requirements of experienced and professional longboarders, these gloves cater to all your wants of the sheer thrill and speed that downhill rides have to offer.

  • While having all the features of an excellent pair of longboarding gloves, the Sector 9 gloves have a lot to offer while still remaining an extremely affordable option in the lot.
  • Designed for heavy duty and intense sessions, these gloves sport a comfortable neoprene knuckle panel and cuff, anti-vibration foam under the palm puck, and durable Kevlar fingertips. They also contain a terry cloth thumb panel so that you can wipe the sweat off your brow.
  • A minor issue with the Sector 9 BHNC gloves is the poor quality of the adhesive used to stick the puck onto the gloves. We recommend using super glue to stick the puck on if it does come off in order to ensure that they don’t cause you any trouble in the future.

If you’re a pro rider looking for longboarding gloves, look no further! The Sector 9 BHNC Slide Gloves are crafted to suit your adventurous and rough rides.

1. Triple 8 Longboard Slide Gloves

Gracing our list on the first position, we have an amazing pair of longboarding gloves fit for absolute beginners as well as the aces of the game. Highly recommended by downhill longboarding champions as well as casual avid longboarders, there is nowhere else we can place this option. The Triple 8 Downhill Slide Gloves is a great, versatile option for longboarders regardless of their experience level or longboarding objectives and aspirations. 

Why We Recommend Them:

  • The glove features tear-resistant Kevlar fingertips, which provide your fingertips with additional protection and are designed to provide you with ease of movement and grabs, so that you can improve your sliding techniques and confidently swerve around those sharp turns without breaking a sweat.
  • They also include standard, replaceable round slider pucks and slider bars that can be placed across the fingertips. This makes them a customizable option in accordance with how you improve with your riding techniques.
  • They come with a pair of heavy-duty, wraparound wrist straps with hook-and-loop connector to provide a wide range of adjustability and ensure that they’re a perfect fit.
  • A highly thoughtful feature in these gloves are the Sweatsaver thumb pad for wiping off any perspiration that might be irking you, leading onto a more comfortable ride.
  • Finished with top grain leather, these gloves are highly breathable.

These sliding gloves provide optimal protection and provide the option to wean off of the use of finger pucks as you progress in skill. These gloves allow you to drop low on your board as well as plant your hands onto the pavement as you carve with ease. An ideal option for beginners, we highly recommend these longboarding gloves if you are looking for gloves that grow along with you and support you as you advance through your longboarding journey.

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