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Skateboarding is just a ride, but longboarding is an experience. If you’re a sucker for long and chilling rides, longboarding is the sport that you’ve been missing out on all of this time. An elevation from the regular skateboarding tricks, longboarding lets you experience the real beauty of speed stretched over the frames of time. All it takes is picking a board up and getting started, but that’s the part which causes the most struggles since:

  • There are just too many options to choose from and not enough resources to determine which longboard is the best in the lot.
  • Most popular options have ridiculously high prices. If you’re new to longboarding, it probably wouldn’t be a safe bet to invest in a $400 board.

If you’re concerned about these issues too, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. After extensively looking through the best options available in the market, we’ve compiled for you a master list so that you can experience the sheer thrill of longboarding even on a tight budget!

Here are our top 3 picks for the best longboards available in the market; all priced well under $100! Whether you’re looking to buy your first board or adding another one to your collection, our list has got something that you certainly wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Atom Drop Through Longboard

Ranking first on our list is a god-tier board recommended by the pro skaters themselves. A board that has garnered praises from skaters worldwide for its top-notch quality and ridiculously impressive attributes, the Atom Drop Through is a 40 inch longboard built to help you master both speed and distance.


  • The Atom Drop Through has a wide deck composed of eight layers of maple laminate, making it strong and durable, yet light and flexible all at the same time. Its wide deck also ensures that your riding experience is steadier than a bullet train, and of matchless comfort.
  • The deck has a distinct cutout style which ensures that you’ll never have to worry about any wheel bites. The cutouts are made above the wheels so that the board doesn’t have to sacrifice clearance for stability.
  • The board comes with a pair of 50 degree angled trucks which ensure a wide turning radius. With this board, you can make sharp and smooth turns without skipping a beat.
  • The wheels’ 70mm diameter helps you gain traction with ease. This makes the board extremely beginner friendly, as you have full control over the board’s speed and can adjust it with utmost ease. The wheels allow a super smooth ride with ultra-low rolling resistance.
  • The set comes with ABEC 9 bearings to ensure that you get a taste of its speed each time you hop on for a ride.
    • The Atom-Drop-Through Longboard comes with the Reverse Kingpin Trucks (RKP) sporting 242mm axles. This feature ensures that you can maneuver the board flawlessly while riding downhill or cruising around. You can easily ride and make intense, sharp turns around trees, rocks and whatever without even fazing. This makes the board a perfect option for low speed carving.

The unique features of the board make it a great option for leisurely cruising around town, as well as riding the terrains at the speed of lightning. A great fit for both experienced and new skaters, the Atom Drop-Through has a lot to offer at an extremely low and affordable price.


Placed second on our list is the stylish and extremely beginner friendly Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard.


  • This 44-inch longboard comes with a bamboo and sturdy maple core which allows it to stand out amongst other boards whilst remaining a strong and flexible board at heart, fit to serve its purpose well.
  • The Magneto board has Gravity cast 7 inch aluminum tough trucks is your ideal pick for smooth and laid-back cruising for long carefree hours. The trucks are also easily adjustable to give you a custom riding experience.
  • The board has Soft 78A hardness 70mm wheels made out of SHR High Quality Urethane allow an ultra-smooth ride and controlled grip, earning the board a 10/10 safety score. This, however, compromises the speed of the board.
  • A unique feature of the board is that it has a gritted wood top with sand grit finish instead of standard grip tape for extra stability, as well as to allow you to show off the board’s beautiful bamboo exteriors.
  • A disadvantage in this board is the quality of bearings that the board comes with. The board comes with a set of 8 bearings, and reduces the functionality of the wheels to an extent, causing each to rotate at a different speed. It is recommended that you consider changing the bearings if you opt for this board.

A board designed to help you ride in style, the Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard is our pick for you if you are a skateboarder transitioning into longboarding, or a brand new longboarder altogether.

3. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40 inch Drop Deck

 To wrap up our list, we present to you the beautiful MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40 inch Drop Deck. Another beginner friendly option on our list, this board, however, has features that can make it an enjoyable ride for newbies and experienced skaters alike.

  • Exhibiting a sturdy 40-inch deck, the board sports a comfortable design suitable for long and speedy rides. Its 8-ply hardwood maple construction gives the board excellent durability, and its low gravity drop deck enhances the product’s flexibility and speed.
  • The board comes with 70x51mm 78A PU wheels that work with ABEC-9 precision bearing, and 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks which are adjustable as 50 or 45 degree, to take your longboarding experience to the next level.
  • The board is lightweight and easy to carry around, but is strong enough to carry the weight of at least 220 lbs!
  • The board is adorned with state of the art striking visuals that can easily turn heads wherever you take it along.

All in all, the MINORITY Downhill Maple longboard is the perfect high-quality casual longboard that offers a highly comfortable and stable ride, but has the looks that will get you compliments as you zoom past.

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